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Article Marketing

Posted by admin On July - 25 - 2012

Article Marketing - eBook Review

Almost all internet gurus will advise aspiring internet marketeers to do internet marketing using article submission to article websites as one form of marketing.  Aspiring newbies who wish to starting any online business would regard this as if they are codes or laws of the Bible.

You hear the internet marketing gurus saying it all the time. You read it in their ebooks. You see it in all the forums and internet marketing websites…

If you do article marketing correctly, you’ll make tons of money.

What they have never told you is: “What is correct way of Article Marketing!!”  And that’s just the problem.  Aspiring internet marketing newbies find out after months of hard word and struggle suddenly realise why they don’t seem to generate traffic to their websites after submitting to hundreds of article websites.

And if there is any one who is the authority on Article Marketing, the Author of this eBook “The Article Marketing Handbook” will befit this title.  Anyone who is serious in using article marketing as one of his tactical marketing strategies should have this eBook.  The author Allen Graves is the owner and administrator of website-articles.net, which is one of the most successful  internet article directories!  He has studied over the years numerous articles and has found some very interesting and consistent similarities in the articles that rank high in the search engine results pages or get clickbacks to the sites listed in their resource boxes.

Some of the key factors that are vital to tactical article marketing for any internet marketeers found in his eBook:

  • Discover the facts you should know about writing an Article Title that not only captures the attention of your readers, but also ranks on the first page of the search engines or gets published in the best ezines!
  • Find out the secrets of choosing the best topic (and keywords) to write about in your niche. Topics that people are not only searching for, but actually spending money on
  • Learn why your article summary and keyword sections are vitally important to bringing in even more targeted traffic to your website and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Discover the mind-blowing secrets we found to write your articles in a manner that will get them ranked highly in the search engines and will almost guarantee you get the click-backs from your article resource box. I’ll even show you live examples.

The graph below shows how the author help the web administrator of www.schnauzerlover.com in applying the tactical article marketing in January with writing any article a week and brought in some unique and targeted visitors to her site.

Article Marketing - ebook review

Targeted Traffic

There are lots of super important information in this eBook that it worth the US$49 investment.  You can read more of the excerpt from this link here.

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