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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Posted by admin On April - 8 - 2009

Deep Vein Thrombosis is commonly associated and linked with economy class syndrome.  Rightly or unfortunately so, most people would assume that they are not likely to be a victim of this problem so long as they don’t travel by flight as much or over long distance.

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Blood flows through our body via the arteries and veins.  Arteries are blood vessels that transport blood from the heart to the rest of the body while veins carry this blood back to the heart.

There are basically two major sets fo veins, one that lays close to the skin surface commonly known as varicose veins.  The other set is called the deep veins that are deep inside the muscles, which are usually larger and more important than the surface ones. A deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot occurring in one of the deep veins, most commonly in one of the leg veins.

The main thing that makes blood flows through the veins are the muscles around the veins.  A long journey in an economy class which restricts a passenger movement and leg exercises may cause a higher risk in clotting in the deep veins in his leg, therefore making DVT known as Economy Class Syndrome. Unfortunately that may induce many to think that they are not in risk of DVT while on ground.

Who Are At Risk?

According the the American Heart Association, some 200,000 new cases of VTE (Venous Thromboembolism) occur annually. Of these, 30 percent die within 30 days, one fifth suffer sudden death due to PE (Pulmonary Embolism), and about 30 percent develop recurrent VTE within 10 years. (You can download a copy of this disturbing statistics from American Heart Association here).

World wide the number of people suffering from Deep Vein Thrombosis is even more alarming.  Of those who suffer or die of DVT, most of them are not even travelers for most part of their lives. The author of today’s featured review Your Guide To Deep Vein Thrombosis studied studiously at this disease for the past few years and make an alarming statement on page 13 that DVT can strike ANYONE at ANY AGE!

Found out whether you are at risk:

The above assessment tool is provided courtesy of  The Coalition To Prevention Of Deep Vein Thrombosis.  You can also download a pdf copy of this assessment here.

DVT Treatment

While DVT may be fatal, there are treatments available.  Marcie Hoff, the author of today’s featured review Your Guide To Deep Vein Thrombosis thought that DVT can only affect “coach potatoes” or people who travel extensively over long journey in cramped seats.  But a couple of her friends, who are reasonably active as she is in sports and other exercises, developed this illness. That prompted her to make a thorough research on this issue and discover some alarming facts as well as some effective treatments.

These are the DVT Treatment found in her eBook:

  • Pages 35-37 – Medicinal Treatment for DVT;
  • Pages 38-41 – Clinical Treatment for DVT including Clinical Management of DVT such as Compression Ultrasonography, Thrombin Inhibitors and such;
  • Pages 42-43 – Other Treatment for DVT such as the usage of Graduated Compression Stockings, Vena Cava Filters and even Dietary Considerations;
  • Page 44 – Treatment of DVT for children;
  • Page 45-46 – Alternative Treatment for DVT.

Who Should Buy This Book

Almost everyone of us has a possibility of  developing DVT if you find out from this eBook.  But if you have taken the assessment above or someone you know has taken that assessment and found to be highly possible case, then this great eBook is a must-have.  At 17.00, you can immediately have the full information for yourself or your loved ones.

The author is willing to give a 8 week money back guarantee becuase she trusts that this information is vital and useful for you.

Should you need further information of this great eBook, you can find it here:

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