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The Most Important 46 Seconds Of Your Life!

Posted by admin On June - 10 - 2009

In life, sometimes there are some defining and decisive moments that change your life forever.  Hopefully today is one such moment for you.

This maybe the most important 46 seconds of your life!

Here is this video excerpt taken from Sylvester Stallone’s block buster movie Rocky Balboa and I would advise you to watch it repeatedly if it touches you.  Bookmark this page if you will so you can come back and get inspire again and again.

(Updated on 26th July 2012) The above video is unfortunately not available because the channel owner has closed his account. That video was 46 seconds long, hence the title “The Most Important 46 Seconds Of Your Life!”  The following video is a longer version of the dialogue between the Father and Son in the movie Rocky Balboa.  Listen to the dialogue and especially at the 1:50 minutes, listen to the emotion and it is going to change your life.

(Updated on 4th November 2014) The above video is also unfortunately not available because the channel owner has violated copyrigt infringement.
Here is a new video link:

Here is a transcript of the video:

Let me tell you something you already know,
The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows,
It’s a very mean and nasty place,
And I don’t care how tough you are,
It will beat you to your knees,
And it will keep you there permanently if you let it,
You, me and nobody is going to hit as hard as life,
But it ain’t about how hard you hit,
It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward,
How much you can take and keep moving forward,
That’s how WINNING is done,
Now if you know what’s your worth,
Then go out and get what’s your worth,
But you got to be willing to take the hits,
And not pointing fingers and say you ain’t where you were,
Because of him, or her or anybody,
COWARDS do that and that ain’t YOU!

It’s all fine to get workout and emotional after hearing such messages.  The important things what next? What are the courses of action for you or for me?


How can we become better than who we are now unless we can set goals for ourselves?  Shwan Lim’s Goal Setting Formula is ONE great book to help if we do not know how.  Here is one testimony from a University student:

If someone were to ask me which book is worth reading to help you becoming a successful person, my answer would undoubtedly be – Shawn Lim’s Goal Setting FormulaTM.

This book has given me a clear picture on why goal setting is important, how to set goals and what should I do after I have set the goals.

Guess what? After finish reading his book in just an hour, I became motivated and dare to dream big. I realized that goal setting is mandatory if you want to be successful in life. Truly amazed at how inspired I could be in just a short time!

I am so glad that I have this eBook as a guide to my brighter tomorrow. Thank you very much Shawn, for such a lovely, clear, concise and highly motivational eBook.

– Anabelle Lim
A University Student

Bruce Lee, the late famous kung fu star, set his goal and wrote it down PRECISELY on a piece of paper on January 9, 1970:

“By 1980 I will be the best known oriental movie star in the United States and will have secured $10 million dollars. And in return I will give the very best acting I can possibly give every single time I am in front of the camera and I will live in peace and harmony”

Another young guy Adam Khoo set his goal and wrote it down that he wants to become a millionaire by 26! Guess what? He did it!

There are many such success stories in Shawn Lim’s Goal Setting Formula.

For a measly $9.95 instead of the normal $97

This gret ebook is yours to download immediately

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