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Meditation, Motivation And More

Posted by admin On January - 3 - 2009

eBook reviewWhen one mentions Meditation, what conjures up in our minds are more often than not images of some holy saints, mostly frail-looking, heavily-bearded men sitting at some isolated and sacred places, fingers held up in some unique gesture with their eyes tightly shut.  If you do not go closer and stay longer, you might not realize that they are alive for their breaths are exceptionally low and long.  In some extreme situations beyond our perception we may witness one meditating upside down!

In today featured eBook – Meditation, Motivation And More – written by Mary Havelock we see a different perspective of how meditation can actually help our daily lives.  This eBook was written from her experience in life rather than some religious study.

When she was asked to do some meditation to help her cope with pressure in life and work she felt uneasy.  In her own word, she said:

  • I thought that it was associated with some religion that I knew little about.
  • I felt that I did not need it because I had regular sessions at the gym, and my small son and husband kept me very active when I wasn’t rushing around at work.
  • I just didn’t have any time for it!

A little persuasion from her friend and with some reluctance she tried as she was told.  Little did she realize that she has found a sense of freedom in life.  This eBook is in some sense a record of her experience as well as her understanding from a layman perspective.

eBook review
In the eBook, she listed some core benefits of meditation:

  • Polishing Your Image;
  • Reducing Stress;
  • Connecting To The Here And Now;

There are also the where and how to meditate, how to breath properly and records of her experiences.  In the other sections, there are some motivational materials for the minds as well.  At US$17.00, this eBook is a good deal.

TITLE Meditation, Motivation And More
AUTHOR Mary Havelock
Only US$17


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