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Build Your Own Greenhouse

Posted by admin On January - 6 - 2009

Go GreenWhenever I check out of a shop with one or two small items, I will always tell the person over the counter not to bother with the plastic bag, saying “Save the earth.”  Without fail, it sure brings a smile to the clerk while I smile back, “my little act in going green”.

The image is taken from this website http://avonschool.schoolwires.com/avonelementary/site/default.asp.  It aptly depicts the conscious thinking of Go Green.  The light bulb symbolized actively and creatively thinking of ideas of how to go green.  In fact the students from that school have published an eBook on Going Green with some ingenious ideas in that eBook.  You can download that eBook free from their website mentioned above.

While today’s featured eBook may not actually promting Go Green, building your own greenhouse may help you eat healthier vegetables and  fresher fruits.  Indeed by having your own greenhouse you actually do not use pesticides, chemical toxins and pollutants.

Go Green
Go Green

The author Max Clarke of Build Your Own Greenhouse is an keen amateur gardener for many years.  As a hobby, he has built quite a bumber of greenhouses for himself as well as his friends.  This eBook is the result of prompting from family members, relatives and friends who love his work and hope to share the knowledge to others.  If you are keen to start building your own greenhouse, this eBook is a must-read.

TITLE Build Your Own Greenhouse
AUTHOR Max Clarke
Only US$17


You can also  find more information regarding Build Your Own Greenhouse here.

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