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Mark Your Mark With MLM

Posted by admin On January - 14 - 2009

Multi-Level MarketingThere is hardly any one who does not know MLM, or who is involved at one time or another with MLM, or who has not been approached by someone or some relatives or friends about MLM to rope them in.

MLM, Multi-Level Marketing, is sometime called Network Marketing or Direct Selling.  Some say they make it big, some tout that it is the single most important marketing strategy while other glorify the MLM system as their saviors of survival and riches.  With the internet, MLM has grown to even greater scale with most of the MLM companies if not all, joining online or internet marketing.  Some internet marketers even used similar system as MLM to promote their affiliate programs, working hand in hand so to speak.

Hand In Hand

So almost all the new products or services that come into the market would adopt MLM approach in marketing.  It is definitely confusing for a lot people who wish to start some network marketing or MLM.  Which company should I choose?, What products or services are better?  Which systems, binary or matirx?  These are questions that need to be addressed.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote a whole chapter (Chapter 25) in their latest book “Why We Want You To Be Rich” on this network marketing or MLM.  In fact both of them agreed that if they have to start their businesses again they would build their fortune in MLM.

But what are our chance of making it in MLM?  Can we Mark Our Mark in MLM?  The facts are:

  • Less than 1 out of 1000 people in this industry will ever make 6-figures.
  • 90% of all MLM business WILL fail within their first 5 years (Entrepreneur Magazine)
  • Over 60 Million (yes million) people have either attempted Network Marketing  or MLM or are currently involved in the industry.
    Yet 90% make less than $10 a week.

So it will be interesting to hear what the author of today’s featured eBook has to say about “Mark Your Mark With Multi-Level Marketing”.  The author Steven James had a few years of experience in MLM and had grown fairly successfully even as a part timer.  Due to commitment to the family and his employer he didn’t continue building his business, but in his word,

“I think I would have enjoyed building an income-generating level of business in Multi-level Marketing within a few years.”

This eBook is the result of his research and experience.  It is definitely a good guide for any beginner before joining any MLM or for any veteran alike who wish to mark his mark with MLM.  There are chapters on evaluating MLM companies and their products, important factors to check when evaluating MLM compensation plans, how to build and train downlines, how to excel in MLM business and so on.

TITLE Mark Your Mark With Multi-Level Marketing
A Complete Reference Guide For MLM Entrepreneurs
AUTHOR Steven James
th_multilevelmarketingebook_2 Only US$17


If you still need more information on Mark Your Mark In Multi-Level Marketing, follow this link here.

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