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eBook Marketing Revealed

Posted by admin On January - 16 - 2009

airplane-sony-ebook-readerIs there a market still in eBook marketing?  How many of us actually buy an eBook off the internet before and will still plan to do so in the future?  I believe it will be interesting to conduct a survey, or I wonder whether someone has already done so.

In my honest and subjective opinion I believe that is still a profitable market for eBook marketing.  My opinion is subjective because I will still buy a great eBook if someone has written an excellent review of it. Even if the person recommending that particular eBook maybe rewarded with a commission, I will be drawn to purchase it if the review is done fairly and objectively.

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So if you are hesitant to embark on eBook marketing please do your research and survey.  If possible, do let me know will you? 🙂  However, if you ready to go on this journey, here is a great eBook to help you started.

Today’s featured eBook Review is eBook Marketing Revealed, written by Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi back in 2006.  The subtitle is aptly titled How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Profitable eBook.

  • The first chapter talks about ideas for an eBooks, where are the sources for getting these ideas.
  • The second chapter outlines the format of writing, tips on making your eBook user friendly, key aspect in designing the eBook, how to customize and personalize your eBook.
  • The following chapters touch on how to design your mini sales pages, how to market and promote your eBook on the internet and how to set up affiliate programs.

This is 170-pages eBook jam-packed with excellent information and strategies from the eBook Marketing wizard Michael Rasmussen.  In his own word “It’s Easy To Make Money Producing eBooks About Subjects You Already Know About, Once You Know These Secrets…”  This eBook IS full of his secrets.

TITLE eBook Marketing Revealed
How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Profitable eBook
AUTHOR Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi
Only US$27


Here is where you can read more of this eBook – eBook Marketing Revealed.

P/s  The eBooks Reviewers endeavor to give their fair and objective review of this eBook.  If you feel that they have not done so, please leave your invaluable comment(s).

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  1. admin says:

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  2. Vali says:

    You are not serious at all!
    And try to make us looking fools!
    on your web page you say that it is necessary to be honest!
    Also, on you page is a price of $17 for e-book, if click to buy you go to PAyPAl where price is $27, but if you click on thr bottom link “Here is where you can read more of this eBook – eBook Marketing Revealed.” you go on a page where is $47!

    you see?!?
    it is a lie!
    A BIG LIE!

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