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Numerology Help Me Find Compatibility

Posted by admin On January - 9 - 2009

numerologyYour days are numbered! This would be a deadly statement if pronounced by your enemies when you are cornered or by the judge if you are in the courtroom. But if it is spoken by a numerologist, it may contained some truth in it. Numerology has been in existence for centuries and has evolved to be a form of science. The wisdom of numerology says that each one of us is born with an unique birth date, therefore we are born with characteristics associated with that birth date. It is then not uncommon for people to use numerology to help them find compatibility when seeking for their spouses. The slogan Numerology Help Me Find Compatibility sounds like chanting a rhyme when consulting a numerologist.

Today’s featured eBook review, numbersYour Power Numbers, will prove to be a good guide book for one who needs to know some numerology to begin with. While there may be some free numerology online, this book can be handy especially if you have it printed out for immediate reference. This featured eBook details the various methods to determine:

  • Your Life Number
  • Your Personal Number
  • Your Reality Number
  • Your Heart’s Desire Number
  • Your Image Number
  • Your Birthday Number
  • Your Year Number

You will be told what’s the difference between these numbers and how to interpret each of them. If you wish to use numerology to help you find compatibility, this is the book to guide you.

Other sources of free numerology online has similar characteristics assigned to each number as well. Here is one list of the numbers, each number associated with a short description or meaning.

  1. NUMBER 1 – Individuation – Independence – Attainment
  2. NUMBER 2 – Relation, Cooperation
  3. NUMBER 3 – Expression, Joy of Living
  4. NUMBER 4 – Limitation, Order, Service
  5. NUMBER 5 – Constructive Freedom
  6. NUMBER 6 – Balance, Responsibility, Love
  7. NUMBER 7 – Analysis, Understanding
  8. NUMBER 8 – Material Satisfaction
  9. NUMBER 9 – Selflessness, Humanitarianism

The full list can be found here. In order for you to determine your numbers in life, today’s featured eBook can help to guide you, maybe you will find your soul mate with the same compatibility.

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  1. […] The above is information, while entertaining is deep rooted into Chinese culture.  In fact, each one of us is borned with unique life numbers as well.  Hence it is important for us to learn a little of numerology though it may not be too easy to learn. There are some good guide books to help one find our own life numbers. One easy reading numerology eBook is found here in this link. […]

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