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Posted by admin On January - 18 - 2009

There is an interesting post at JUST-THINKIN.NET about My Blogging Setup.  The post was written in the midst of the trend of bloggers ranting about their blogging setup through video, pictures and write-up in their posts.  This ex-Cold War Submariner posted a hilarious and creative writeup about his blogging setup, bringing a fresh air into the otherwise stale, often predictable and monotonous scenario of blogging setups or blogging environments.

(click to view a larger image to see clearer)

Here is how he described his “dated” Blogging Space:

“On the left is my tried and true Underwood “Quick Touch” with a classic “Platen Roll-In” monitor that utilizes the new “Paper-Thin” technology. As you can see, this particular machine usually has my blog displayed it. To the right is my second machine, the “Remington Noiseless Portable” also using the “Platen Roll-In” “Paper-Thin technology. This is where my blog posts themselves are produced. Unfortunately the mouse that usually resides with the Underwood suddenly met his fate in the form of one of our cats so I had to borrow my wife’s spare. And in between my two main machines that keep this blog running down the road is my genuine Apple-Notebook.”

While this post will not be ranting about our own blogging space or setup, we are nonetheless greatly appreciative to Kirk M. for bringing laughter into our lives.

snooze-bloggingThis post is dedicated to blogging beginners who wish to set up their blogs and hopefully into the not-too-far future, they are able to bring some lighter moments of their life experiences to the blogopshere  [please do not make us snooze while reading your blogs, 🙂]  or who wish to seriously blog about their interests or hobbies and make some good money online.

The post today will be by way of introducing a featured eBook review – Quick And Easy Blog, Making Blogging Work For YOU!

checkbox-redBeginners to blogging will gain much knowledge by reading this eBook:

checkbox-redBlogging tips and what you want a blog for;

checkbox-redStarting with blospot – design, posting and enhance your blog;

checkbox-redInstalling  WordPress blog and how to setup your blog;

checkbox-redWriting posts and how to setup email subscription;

checkbox-redPersonalize your blog using themes;

checkbox-redPower up your blog with recommended plugins;

checkbox-redResources for find themes and plugins.

For a low price of US$17.00, you can have an excellent understanding of what blogging is and will save your valuable time in trying to learn on your own.

UTHOR John Williams
Only US$17


If you wish to read more about Quick And Easy Blogs, click the link here:

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