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Internet Life Style

Posted by admin On January - 23 - 2009

The world recession is kicking in.  Even the inauguration of the new US president Barack Obama did not help the Dow index on that day. Many people over the world have received the worst Christmas gifts last year with a pay check that indicated that their services were no longer required.

Internet Life Style

The above image was taken from Frank Garon’s website in which he mentioned how he made 27,260 Brisish pounds in December 2008, while many have to lost their jobs.  How Safe Is Your Income? That  is a very crucial question that we need to ask constantly, and if you cannot answer with a resounding YES, then it is time to rethink how you can have a SAFE income, irrespective of economic recession, working 9 t0 5, sick or healthy, young or old.

While there maybe many form of creating a residual income and live a lifestyle many would envy, we are drawn to the internet life style as we see in the following video of Michael Cheney recent vacation on this cruise:


(click on the image above to watch the video from his website)

We have seen many squeeze pages showing fabulous mansions said to be bought by the internet marketers, super fast cars driven by them, gorgeous ladies in their companies and going vacations at beautiful beaches or on magnificent cruises.  Michael Cheney top them of all by showing the exact internet lifestyle he is living in.

What we particularly like about this video is toward the end of the video where he showed a card that was slipped through the door over the night that said this:

“It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed;

I am not limited by any past thinking,

I choose my thoughts with care;

I constantly have new insights

and new ways of looking at my world.

I am willing to change and grow!”

Today’s featured review is an eBook written by another Internet Guru Terry Dean we respect tremendously.  The title of the eBook is Internet Lifestyle which he says it’s not so much about his internet lifestyle (although we would envy to the core and wish we were in his shoe now) but more of ours.

The Internet Lifestyle is:

  • You Work WHEN You Want.
  • You Work WHERE You Want.
  • You Work HOW You Want.
  • Work With WHOM You Want.

And if you think that this eBook is about his life style and showing proofs of how much he earned, what cars he drives or his mansion, you are in for a surprise.  This eBook is our treasure collection as it underlines what he can accomplishes for others who wish to live the internet lifestyle as he defined above.

If the card Michael Cheney received tells a great message to you as well, this eBook definitely is one that provides you with one extra thought that will change your life.

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