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Nutrition And Weight Loss

Posted by admin On January - 28 - 2009

Below is a very bold statement made by a health and fitness coach:

It’s a FACT –

Most Celebrity Chefs, Best Selling Authors,

Doctors and Nutrition ‘Experts’ are DEAD WRONG

about Healthy Cooking, Weight Loss and Nutrition!

But  Antonio Valladares is no ordinary person. For the past 15 years in NYC, he has been a health and fitness coach. he is  a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist, licensed Massage Therapist and have been a certified Personal Trainer in New York City since 1994.

In fact, he has been rated New York City’s best personal trainer and has been featured in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Woman’s Day, Time Out, Paper Magzine and NY1 to name a few.

There were simply too many confusing and even conflicting diet information out there in the market, so he spent 15 years of doing research:

  • talking to real people,
  • working together with them in their diet,
  • find out what works and what don’t,
  • read volumes of journals, books, reports and interviews,
  • sought out a large group of diet consultants, health and fitness coaches, nutritions experts,
  • refined and tested his own devised system on hundreds of his personal clients

The eBook featured in today’s review is the result of all these works.  Health Urban Kitchen Cookbook is a Simple, Step By Step System for Shopping, Cooking And Eating The World’s Healthiest Food!

In this eBook, you will have information on:

  • What to Eat
  • When to Eat
  • How Much to Eat
  • How to Simplify Shopping
  • How to Cook – even if you are super busy and you’re not a chef
  • How to turn healthy recipes into delicious meals that reduce fat and help you lose weight

This eBook is Healthy Cooking Made Ultra Simple for Busy People Who Want to Lose Weight and it Doesn’t Involve Dieting, Counting Calories, Low Carb or Low Fat Foods!


Check a video of this lady who was totally sold of this system who used to do the exact opposite.  She enjoys all foods without any restriction now, and yet loss weight easier, loss fat, and is yet full of energy.

If you one who believe that weight loss must involve dieting or counting calories, and nutrition means low cab or low fat food, you must check out this eBook – Health Urban Kitchen.

You can read more of this fantastic eBook here:

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