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When we started this blog on eBooks Review, we have always asked ourselves how do we stand out among thousands if not millions of similar websites.  Although there is a certain amount of confidence, there is also this lingering and nagging thought that our blog may be lost in the oceans of websites.  Will our blog be like the lost world with no one having any clue how to find us?  How do we help readers find us?  Will our blog be as hard to find as finding needles in the haystacks?


All these questions are slowly fading away when we discovered one fantastic eBook boldly titled as “The Web Traffic Orgasm” co-written by two of the world most successful internet marketers, Barry Dunlop and Dean Hunt.

Before December 2006 Dean Hunt was a nobody in internet marketing industries.  His blog was only visited by some 200 readers on 8th December 2006.  But by 9th December 2006, his blog hit big time. Over night 14,878 people visited his blog!  Not 878, not 1,400 but 14,878 readers overnight.  In fact on 13th December same month, his blog received 30,087 clicks.  And according to his statistics, he has over 246,ooo visitors coming to his blog in 10 days, all for FREE without him paying google any single cent or any other form of advertisement!

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If you chance upon this blog, you may realize that we have applied one of their 23 strategies listed in this eBook, 🙂

For a limited time only and for just $1 this eBook will be yours if you wish to learn how to drive traffic like crazy to your websites.
The Web Traffic Orgasm

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