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The Future Of Information Marketing

Posted by admin On February - 9 - 2009

futureofinfomarketingToday’s featured review is not actually an eBook Review as normally found in our blog.  However in our earlier blog, a seemingly gloomy overcast was painted of information marketing by our review of  The Death Of Information Marketing.  A post on The Future Of Information Marketing may change your perspective and raise your spirit to continue embark on Information Marketing.

Today’s review must be published and read with urgency for these reasons:

  • For the obvious reason, if you are wondering where the future of information marketing, you will find a great source of audio interviews with 74 of the world best known information marketers from our link in this post. What do the experts like Mike Filsaime, Ewen Chia, Rosalind Gardner, Ray Edwards, Gary Ambrose, Alok Jain, Alex Goad, Willie Crawford, and dozens of other marketers really think?
  • The link will be taken down come 13th February.  Right now, until February 13th you can grab all of these interviews and have the complete Resell Rights to this series of audio interviews. The value is $197.00, and you get the entire collection for only the exchange of your name and email address.

Each of the expert Future of Information Marketing panelists were asked these questions:

  1. What is YOUR vision and prediction for where the Future of Information Marketing is headed?
  2. What is your no. 1 success tip for anyone considering information marketing or already involved?
  3. And what is the biggest challenge or pitfall that you feel holds individuals back from success in Information Marketing?

In 15 minutes each of the audio series, they spill out the gem of their expertise.  Imagine 74 of the world best information marketers, who would usually charged $300 to $1,000 an hour for interview, giving us for FREE this series of audio full of tips and advices!  The series would have sold for US$197 at normal time.

Quickly grab this opportunity for FREE.  To top up  the cream, you will be given a special download link to the Resale Rights License to the entire finished package once they are ready to go live after 13th February 2009.

Hearing today’s top ranked 6-figure, 7 and 8-figure information marketers GIVE YOU their own future profit and trends predictions for this industry as well as their no. 1 success tip and no. 1 costly mistake to avoid tip (along with the other modules that will be part of this completed product) can be worth hundreds of thousands in profits in 2009 alone. Which is why this “Future of Information Marketing” series will retail for $197 (though access is currently still free).

You have till 13th February 2009 to act on it.  Be Quick to take up this offer!

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