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About eBR

About eBR

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Has anyone ever calculate the number of books available in the world? Is there any organization dedicated to tabulate, index and classify all the books? I believe no single organization has ever taken up this task to do so. For what purposes should one do so anyway? In the same breath, can any one wide-guess the number of eBooks that can be downloaded from the internet?  Well, no prize for guessing the answer even though I doubt anyone can do so. In the sea of eBooks, we can get lost and do not know where to begin, feeling suffocated from information overload!  How easy will it be for fishermen to locate a particular species of fish without the most sophisticated equipment.

This blog aims to help readers make a wiser choice. Our team of serious critique will attempt to review and evaluate as many ebooks objectively as possible, hoping that in the process we will help readers find a gem in the sea of hays.