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Article Marketing

Posted by admin On July - 25 - 20121 COMMENT

Article Marketing - eBook Review

Almost all internet gurus will advise aspiring internet marketeers to do internet marketing using article submission to article websites as one form of marketing.  Aspiring newbies who wish to starting any online business would regard this as if they are codes or laws of the Bible.

You hear the internet marketing gurus saying it all the time. You read it in their ebooks. You see it in all the forums and internet marketing websites…

If you do article marketing correctly, you’ll make tons of money.

What they have never told you is: “What is correct way of Article Marketing!!”  And that’s just the problem.  Aspiring internet marketing newbies find out after months of hard word and struggle suddenly realise why they don’t seem to generate traffic to their websites after submitting to hundreds of article websites.

And if there is any one who is the authority on Article Marketing, the Author of this eBook “The Article Marketing Handbook” will befit this title.  Anyone who is serious in using article marketing as one of his tactical marketing strategies should have this eBook.  The author Allen Graves is the owner and administrator of website-articles.net, which is one of the most successful  internet article directories!  He has studied over the years numerous articles and has found some very interesting and consistent similarities in the articles that rank high in the search engine results pages or get clickbacks to the sites listed in their resource boxes.

Some of the key factors that are vital to tactical article marketing for any internet marketeers found in his eBook:

  • Discover the facts you should know about writing an Article Title that not only captures the attention of your readers, but also ranks on the first page of the search engines or gets published in the best ezines!
  • Find out the secrets of choosing the best topic (and keywords) to write about in your niche. Topics that people are not only searching for, but actually spending money on
  • Learn why your article summary and keyword sections are vitally important to bringing in even more targeted traffic to your website and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Discover the mind-blowing secrets we found to write your articles in a manner that will get them ranked highly in the search engines and will almost guarantee you get the click-backs from your article resource box. I’ll even show you live examples.

The graph below shows how the author help the web administrator of www.schnauzerlover.com in applying the tactical article marketing in January with writing any article a week and brought in some unique and targeted visitors to her site.

Article Marketing - ebook review

Targeted Traffic

There are lots of super important information in this eBook that it worth the US$49 investment.  You can read more of the excerpt from this link here.

To read more of this eBook review, please click here:


P/s  The eBooks Reviewers endeavor to give their fair and objective review of this eBook.  If you feel that they have not done so, please leave your invaluable comment(s).


Few people can resist the temptation to cuddle rabbits or at least pet them. Little wonder pet shop owners tend to have hutches with those furry and cuddly rabbits right at the shop front to attract families to come in.  But before you fall into the temptation of buying a pet rabbit by impulse, there are 5 serious aspects to consider first. It is a growing problem around the world, especially just after Easter every year when societies that care for and foster abandoned pet rabbits get the highest number of discarded rabbits. Of course, the second busiest period is late January when the excitement of the “Christmas bunny” fades under the realization of the depth of the necessary commitment.

Impact On Your Family

Keeping a rabbit healthy and happy will require the cooperation of all members of your family. Everyone will need to know how to handle the rabbit and, as a minimum, be careful not to do things which could upset, or even injure it.

Normal family activities like jumping, shouting and playing loud music or computer games may have to be restricted to areas where it won’t cause your rabbit to be frightened or injured by family members or its own reaction to their handling.

Very young children should never pick up a rabbit. They could injure it or the rabbit might react to their awkward handling by biting or scratching them.

Older children can learn about responsibility and other important values if you give them a share of the tasks associated with their new pet. But, it must be an adult’s responsibility to ensure that the rabbit’s health and comfort are not compromised by a child’s failure to do the tasks on time.

Daily Care

Your rabbit needs attention from a human every day, so you will have to arrange for a reliable person to feed, clean and check on your rabbit if you will be away from home for more than one day.

That might be another family member, friend or professional carer. If your whole family will be absent, then you will probably need to pay a carer who will visit and check on your rabbit, unless you have a helpful friend who can, without much interruption to their own day, come to your home to feed and check on your pet.

Impact To Your Home

Bringing any animal in to be part of your household will require some adjustments. Dogs and cats have become more domesticated than rabbits, which need more time and care to adjust.

These are some of the areas where you might need to take action for the safety of your pet and your property:

  • Electrical and phone cords: The level of damage to appliances and phones where the cords have been chewed by pet rabbits is high enough to cause concern to insurance companies and is obviously dangerous for the rabbits.
  • Carpets and drapes: Rabbits will chew almost anything, so you need to supervise it closely and remove any valuable or dangerous temptations from their reach or protect them from your rabbit.
  • Danger spots: Rabbits are curious and quick. They will check any liquid or powder they find by tasting it. They can also get into trouble exploring any gaps, open doors and windows, going behind or under furniture and appliances.

Waste Products

Your rabbit will usually be fairly easy to train to use a litter box. There are exceptions!

But, it’s probable that it will deposit some droppings or (more likely) some urine outside of that area. This should only occur occasionally unless you keep a male that has not been de-sexed. But, you should consider the possibility when you are thinking about bringing a rabbit into the home, instead of deciding you must get rid of your pet after one or two accidents.

Other Pets

If you already have other pets, think carefully about whether it will be safe to have a rabbit in your home.

Dogs have a natural tendency to prey on rabbits and cats may cause them injury, or worse. These actions are instinctive. Even the most placid animals need to be closely supervised at all times. They may seem to be playful with the rabbit, but that play, or even just being close to the rabbit, could arouse their natural instincts at any time.The presence of these predators may also cause great stress to the rabbit.

Even birds, such as parrots, can frighten a rabbit which has to be wary of large birds in the wild.

Should you decide to get a pet rabbit after those 5 serious consideration, and you would like to give your new pet the best home, here is a real good guide book to help you fulfill your dream of owning your own pet rabbit.

Mary Barnes has had several rabbits as well as pets of various kinds.

She says that the bond that can develop between a rabbit and its owner is as special as that enjoyed by people with any other kind of pet.

“In some ways, “said Mary, “it can be more special because the rabbit retains more characteristics of its wild forebears and it’s wonderful to feel the bond that develops between the rabbit and its owner.”

“Every rabbit is different – each has its own magic appeal.”

Your Pet Rabbit Guide
Only $17.00

Mary Barnes is confident of her eBook that she is willing to give

56 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Kevin Hogan’s Covert Hypnosis

Posted by admin On June - 1 - 20092 COMMENTS

By Kevin Hogan

“Covert Hypnosis Gives You the

Scientific Breakthrough and

Ultimate Power To Control Minds,

Change Behaviors And Make Anyone

EAGER To Fulfill Your Every Desire…

Without Them Ever Knowing It!”

What does Kevin Hogan mean by this?  Who is this Kevin Hogan? If you will google for Kevin Hogan, you will discover that he is quite a renouncedrenowned motivational and keynote speaker on the topics of selling, motivation, body language and influence techniques. He is a social psychologist and the author of over a dozen books, including “The Psychology of Persuasion” which has sold over a million copies worldwide.

He has this to say of customers:

Control Their Minds and Change Their Behaviors!

Many of our behaviors are shaped in our genes, in our DNA. What if you have the power to alter people’s DNA so you can change their behavior? Not only is it possible, but it’s scientifically proven and being used by a few selected people to have an enormous edge over everybody else.

How exciting would it be to know exactly what they’ll do next, because you can program their mind with Covert Hypnosis to take the specific actions you want? Best part is..you don’t have to know anything about DNA!

Just imagine..

  • You get to know what people are thinking.
  • You get to be in control of every communication you participate in.
  • They will demand to be with you, to want your input or buy from you. You will never “sell” anything again!
  • Your message is received without significant thought or questioning on the part of the receiver.
  • You get to subtlely change their minds without them being aware of it.

Watch a short video of Kevin Hogan talking about how some of the common words have dramatic effect on the listeners lives from this video below:

Little did we realize that our lives are “controlled” by words that we hear each day from young.  Many of the world best sellers of any product are so well in their businesses because they have mastered the skill of covert hynosis.

Today’s eBook of The Week – Covert Hypnosis Revealed – is a must-buy now eBook if you wish to be successful in your business because once you can master the hypnotic languages, you can control the mind of the consumers.  Imagine you are in control of what they want, you can continue to sell to their needs and wants.

Go to this page and get your copy of Covert Hypnosis Revealed now.

100% Guaranteed to Transform Your Life, or You Pay Nothing!

Getting Rich With iPhone Applications?

Posted by admin On May - 25 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Couple of months ago, I wrote an article entitled “A Simple Idea Changes The World“. A seemingly nonsensical iPhone application has taken the world by storm in December 2008.  The iPhone application was named as iFart!  After you have downloaded the application you can turn your iPhone into a farting machine, with the iPhone imitating various forms of farting to embarrass a few friends.  You can even programmed it to blast farting sound should a thief snatch your iPhone.  They claimed that the Sneak Fart feature has been used by Jack Baeur and the Navy Seal to distract enemies in close combat! By the end of December 2008 it was reported to be the no. 1 most downloaded program from iTune store!  It has definitely helped Joe Comm, the creator of the iPhone application, made a handsome profit.

Right now, there are around 20 million iPhone owners. These iPhone owners spend upwards of $50 million dollars every single month on new iPhone applications.Two prominent newspapers openly trumpeted that a profitable business to get in will be creating iPhone applications.


And while we slug away at our 9/5, living paycheck to paycheck, there are teenagers making our weekly wage every day doing something that we could very easily do ourselves also.  As this post was written, one young guy has caught on this wave and created this iPhone application and is selling US0.99 through iTune store right now!

And if you like me, like an average Joe (not the Joe Comm though), you would probably wonder where to start.  Today eBook Of The Week – My iPhone Riches – is THE quick-start guide to profiting from iPhone Application.


MyPhoneRiches is a complete, step-by-step, easy to follow system that will show you exactly how you can cash in with your own iPhone Applications starting right away…

You’ll learn the secrets behind what makes a top seller, and how you can have your own applications rake in 5 figure days, just like in the examples I told you about earlier.

Every step of the process is covered, from brainstorming application ideas to turning your brainchild into a fully working product without any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Then you’ll learn how to successfully get your new application listed in the App Store and how to market it most effectively to make sure it gets in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

How to churn out applications so hot people will be champing at the bit to get hold of them
The ‘never fail’ strategy that ensures your apps don’t fall at the first hurdle (miss this and the entire development process could be a complete waste of time)
Pages 43 and 44 reveal the free social media tactic that drives thousands of ready to buy iPhone owners straight to your Apps almost instantly
Discover the exact kind of Apps that make customers unncontrollably reach for their wallets time and time again
The top places for finding programmers who really know what they’re doing (don’t get taken for a ride elsewhere)
How to ‘hijack’ the promotion efforts of the top sellers and effortlessly make $1000’s in sales riding the coattails of their success
Learn the number one component practically every successful App must have or its doomed to failure
Discover the secret online resources that make creating successful Apps as easy as clicking your mouse
How to easily make extra income on the side of your new iPhone business, absolutely hands free (many developers totally miss the boat on this one)
Page 11 tells you the two single must have ingredients… without these you’ll go absolutely nowhere in this business…
And much, much more…

Click Here To Secure Your Copy Of MyPhoneRiches Now

Home Staging For Top Dollars

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TheNewLookBasically Home Staging is the act of preparing a home (and the contents of the home) for sale, with a special emphasis on presentation and appearance.  To some of us, preparing a house for sale means repair some parts here and there around the house where needed. Although these are essential, home staging is more than that just mechanical and functional improvement.  It involves things of an aesthetic nature, such as design, organization and overall appearance.  The outcome is that the house is more appealing to the potential buyers and the perceived value of the property is higher.

Home staging involves clearing away shelves, closets and cabinets.  For some professional home staging companies, props are used to enhance the overall appearance of the house for sale.

So in a nutshell, home staging is get the house in shape to appear iin its finest form for potential buyers.  A google search for home staging or home staging tips will show up millions of websites. So there is definitely no lack of info for anyone seriously looking into home staging before selling their home.

This week eBook of The Week is however written specifically for 2 groups of people:

GROUP 1: It is for those designers presently running a home staging business, yet seeking a means to increase the quantity and quality of leads and customers.

GROUP 2: Those who want to have a home staging business, but do not want to have the burden of taking care of storage for props, of moving, setting up, working with contractors, etc.

Our “Home Staging”  is based on “elemental lists” that will help you begin your staging business and carry you through from the very beginning to a fruitful ongoing conclusion.

Zoe Zhao, the author of this eBook,  is actually confident that if you follow his advices given in the eBook, you will dominate your marketing in home staging in a year.

You will learn what to do every day, every week, every month and every year.  Learn:

  • What to do for every project
  • How to build relationships with realtors and affiliates
  • What to do to take your business to the next level and,
  • How to truly dominate the market

This week eBook Of The Week – Home Staging – will teach you great marketing that costs almost nothing to implement.  Also learn about how to acquire and keep great customers. It will also teach you how to limit debt, get recurring income and operate in a niche.

All told, you can even sell this business if you choose. But, don’t just take our word for it.  Find out for yourself.  Grab your copy and see just how much fun you can have providing this lucrative service to those who need it!

8 Weeks Money Back Guarantee!

Should you need to read more about this great eBook Of The Week, you can find out more here: