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Money Does Grow On Trees!

Posted by admin On May - 7 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Here is typical conversation between a four year old daughter and her daddy in a departmental store:

Daughter : Daddy, daddy, I want that teddy bear! (she called out excitedly)
Daddy : Yes, darling. But I thought I have just bought you one last week.
Daughter (not easily deterred) : But I like this one better, it has the colour I love, I like the soft fur, daddy, daddy, can I have it, please, please, please.
Daddy (trying to distract his daughter) : Remember you like that pink colour bear you bought last week, eh? It was so cuddly you held it to sleep every night? You love it, don’t you?
Daughter : But I like this grey one, daddy. Please can I have it? Please, please…
Daddy : Hey darling, you can’t always buy a new teddy bear, you have five of them already. What are you going to do with them, give them away or stack up in the store room? Beside, money doesn’t grow on trees, you know?

That was a conversation between my daughter and myself some 20 years ago.  I remember I like to use this phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees” when I tried to dissuade her from buying. Perhaps she can still re-call this infamous phrase now that she is a young adult, maybe ready to start her own family.


But it does! The picture above proves that!  Oh well, I guess I can’t fool you into believing that.  But this is what Anik Singal & Mike Filsaime would like to have us believe that Money does grow on the trees although not quite literally.

They are in the process of launch their newest product Launch Tree. Somehow they leak out the first chapter of their eBook. Wow, it really contains some excellent materials:

Launch Tree shows you how to earn income from a launch. In some cases up to 456% more income than what would have been earned without implementing these ‘tricks.’

If your launch is the roots of a tree, than Launch Tree is everything above the surface. The trunk, leaves, and branches, fruits are all the easy and simple tricks to make more money.

What the Heck is Launch Tree? Click on this link to find out more from them.  You can also download your first chapter from their website and learn from this two guru.

Who Is Alborz Fallah?

Posted by admin On February - 27 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

alborz and lamborghiniWho is Alborz Fallah?  Probably you will not know him.  But if you are an Australian, a car lover or someone who  follow Yaro Starak’s entrepreneurs-journey blog then this name may just gel.

This is the guy who has 2 to 3 cars sent to his garage every WEEK for him to test drive!  Quite possibly this Lamborghini was one test-driven by him at one stage.  By Now, Alborz Fallah is probably a household name in Australia, particularly among the car lovers.  His blog CarAdvice.com.au is currently in the top ten web traffic of Australia.

He was one of the earlier student of Yaro Starak coaching program, an average person as like you and me, but one who is acutely aware of his passion in cars and like to write about cars, their features and generally anything related to cars.  For months,while having a full time job, he continued to put up average of at least 2 posts per day in his car blog CarAdvice.com.au.  This is a guy who:

  • Passionate pursue his interest – cars and writing;
  • Not putting too much concentration trying to make money;
  • Committed, Consistent and Focus on his blog

Finally his effort earns him big time.  You can find out bits and pieces of who he is through an interview of him by Yaro Starak here:

Or you can download a pdf file of the transcript of the interview here:

Middle Finger – You Call It Motivational?

Posted by admin On February - 17 - 20091 COMMENT

kid-middle-fingerWe think this is by far one of the most infamous pictures of a kid showing his middle finger used in the internet. Dean Hunt uses it, themiddlefinger.com uses it, some blogspot blogs use it, this picture is stored at flickr.com and made reference to by other websites.

This kid really has an attitude. Judging from the spontaneity of his facial expression, his parents could not have coerced him to do so. On the other hand they (his parents) are not entirely innocent of his behavior. And for us to use a middle finger picture of this kid is hardly appropriate, worst so to be tagged as motivational! We are also guilty of using it, but only because we need to bring across a point. Bear with us and hear our stories:

Frank Kern using the middle finger (or what he called the bird finger)  to start his strange eBook!


The other odd feature of this eBook is that it was hand-written and later scanned into pdf format for easy download!  He had meant for his paying customers but somehow he relented and repented (maybe after some guys who dare to show him the middle finger) and allowed it to be downloaded free of charge for a limited time frame.

You can download from this link here or by click his middle finger in the above image.

Why should you download this special eBook? You may wish to know.  Although the special hand-written report was in part ranting of this famed internet guru Frank Kern, a large part of it was actually very motivational.

First and foremost the middle finger (or the bird finger) and the word I QUIT are not directed to US.  They are for “The Idiot Lemmings who are screwing your MOJO”

It started with him bragging about sitting in First Class together with 27 others paying average US$2,000 each to fly, where seats are always fully sold out even in this time of economic crisis.  While the world may tell you the sickening and crappy news of the falling economic, there he was epitomized the rich life style.

If you focus on “no money, no money, no money”, guess what you get? “You get no money!”

If you want wealth, then focus of prosperity. There is money everywhere.  Don’t be fooled by the BROKE people who tell you otherwise.  Money never goes away, it simple MOVES and then MULTIPLIED.

So he urged all to join him to put forth the middle finger and said


  • I quit buying into news written by and for BROKE people;
  • I quit falling for fear and fall victim and prey to the paralysis it causes;
  • I quit ENGAGING in ANY conversation about how “bad” it is;
  • I quit giving a damn about some CEO on radio talkshows or in the news and whether or not they should get a bail out (who gives a damn?!);
  • I quit talking about or focusing on ANYTHING that does not make me money;

“Put your PRIMARY FOCUS on how to make millions a month while helping people and have a ball of a time in the process!”

We shall not spoil the fun to let out too many gems here.  Go ahead and download the eBook while it last.

Obama Twitter Falls Victim To Hacker

Posted by admin On February - 12 - 20091 COMMENT

These days some uncommon English words have become commonly common.  Take for example McDonald’s recent infamous tag “I’m lovin’ it” which is literary and grammatically questionable, has somehow became an endearing term for their burger lovers.   Twitter has crept into the English Dictionary in less than a year.  Maybe not quite into the orthodox dictionaries, but definitely in the internet usage of  English language.

Barack Obama used it, CNN’s Rick Sanchez has it, Britney Spears can’t go without it.  Such is the influence of twitter that hackers have their thrill hacking into some high profile twitters and posted sensitive issues or spread malicious tweets. Obama’s twitter account, which was left unused since Nov, also falls victim to hacker who posted a survey promoting a survey on the President.

Twitter has come into main stream English.  Do you twitter actually means have you started using the twitter platform in connecting yourself socially to other people in the internet realm.  What is Twitter?  In a nutshell, Twitter is actually based on one question, pure and simple:

“What are you doing right now?”

All you need to do is within 140 characters, you answer that question and let other people know about it.  Sound simple isn’t it?


So what is the fuss about this platform of communication that Joel Comm, the Internet Guru, New York Times Best Selling Author and Social Media Expert would take his time promoting it. He will personally present a campaign come 19th February on Twitter Power – The Tweet-A-thon. This is 12 hours charity event that will be played out concurrently in two social media venues; a live video broadcast on Ustream.tv and on Twitter.com itself. The event will be filled with celebrity guests such as Robert Scoble, Gary Vaynerchuk, MC Hammer, Chris Pirillo and others, as well as entertainment, Twitter tips, prize giveaways, zany antics, thousands of tweets and more surprises.

Exactly, how does this platform has us in connecting socially with people in the internet world?  What impact can it make economically, or how can it become a money making tool?  Why do I need to join?  If these are the questions you are asking, here is a great resource eBook for you that will probably answer most of your questions and more. Subscribe below here to immediately download this Fee eBook.

In fact his 48 pages eBook answer more than just those questions.  You will learn how this platform can become your mini-blog to let your presence felt by those people connected to you.  You will learn how twitter can enhance your blogs, and how you can write good headings with the limit of 140 characters, a constraint which become an advantage if you are strong and creative in headers that draw attention.

Perhaps if you wish to learn more about Twitter and it Power, Joel Comm is going to release his book on 19 February 2009 – Twitter Power – during the Tweet-A-Thon and sell his book through amazon.com.


The Chapters included in this book are:

An introduction to the social media landscape
What is Twitter and why is it so powerful?
Getting started the right way on Twitter
Building a following on Twitter
The art of the tweet
The magic of connecting with customers on Twitter
Leveraging Twitter for team communication
Using Twitter to help build your brand
Leveraging the power of Twitter to drive behavior in your followers
Beyond Twitter.com: Third-party tools you will want to know
You can buy this book from the link here

Five Killer Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by admin On January - 30 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

blogging-recipeRatatouille, an animated movie about a rat caught the attention of the world entertainment industry in 2007.  The story line was based on a rat named Remy who has a acute and wonderful sense of smell and absolutely hate garbage foods.  His passion and desire to become a real chef was inspired by his culinary hero, the great Anton Gusteau, author of “Anyone Can Cook.”

By chance he helped  Lunguini to save the soup this clumsy garbage boy fouled.  With a strong sense of smells, this little rat threw in a few ingredients here, added a little bit of spice there and  the soup came out a real success.

While the movie is entertaining, we know that Culinary Success does not come easy.  Many chefs who aspire to be the ironmen of cooking or the Iron Chef popularized by the Japanese FijiTV have to endure strict discipline and follow diligently the recipes set by their master chefs.  They would have to strictly adhere to the instruction to avoid making grave mistakes in preparing their finest cuisines.

Do you have a blogging recipe? Do you have a good guide book to start out in blogging?  Today’s free eBook – Blogging For Instant Profit – written by Alun  Hill will prove to be one good blogging recipe guide for beginners or veterans alike. The 131 pages eBook is jam-packed with useful information to help guide any blogger on his journey.

In this eBook is a list of Five Killer Blogging Mistakes To Avoid:

  1. Infrequent Updates – A blog is considered as “dead” if not updated with a week;
  2. Too Much Advertising – blogs clustered with massive amount of advertisements over-shadow the uniqueness of a blog and divert attention away from the otherwise valuable contents;
  3. Unprofessional Look – professional and crisp look to your blog help to instill confidence in readers of your contents;
  4. Graphics Overload – While pictures and videos add attraction and speak volume, readers will be put off and X-off your blog in no time if your blog takes too long to load;
  5. Inappropriate Content – Contents must be relevant to bring loyal readers back to you.

This valuable eBook can be yours once you subscribe to our newsletter below:

P/s The eBooks Reviewers endeavor to give their fair and objective review of this eBook. If you feel that they have not done so, please leave yourinvaluable comment(s).